Radio & TV Programs






In 2002, Shokooh Mirzadegi and Esmail Nooriala began a weekly TV show, produced by Puyeshgaraan Cultural Society, that was produced in Denver and broadcast via satellite and from Los Angles to all over the world, with emphasis on Iran and the neighboring Persian speaking countries such as Tajikestan and Afghanistan. The program was called "Kaargaah Andishe" (meaning "Thought Workshop" and was formatted into two section. The first section was prepared and done by Esmail Nooriala with his emphasis on socio-cultural theories of art, literature and politics. The second part, done by Shokkoh Mirzadegi, was mostly allocated to the issues relevant to life and work of women of Iran and -at the same time- on the life and gains of distinguished women from four corners of the globe.


In 2003 another weekly program was produced and performed by Mirzadegi & Nooriala for Yaaraan Radio-TV channel whose programs are very popular in Iran for its political stance. The new program is called "Bar Miz e Tashrih" (Meaning "On Operating Table") and renders a commentary on socio-cultural events of the week.


At present, we are endeavoring to have an archive of the above programs on this site.